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for bigger treatments

In dentistry, a simple quotation is usually sufficient for a small treatment (fillings, root canal treatment, etc.). For bigger treatments (prosthetics, implantations, full jaw restorations) patients expect much more than only prices.

Give your patients all the information they need with BrightPlans and they can gladly choose you even if you are the most expensive.

Quotation, info package, 3D animation


Unique Cover

Present your clinic's prestige and impress your patients from the very beginning with a nice cover page.

Can be completely personalized.

About You

Introduce your clinic, dental team, awards and reviews to your patients. Show them how professional you are to make sure they are choosing the right place. They will highly appreciate you for this.

You can upload your clinic details, dentists' CVs, etc.

Your Prices

Give one or more treatment options for different materials and treatments with detailed prices, special offers or discounts (for cash payments, etc.) in a super easy way.

Set up your own prices in different languages and different currencies.

Info package

Give all the necessary information that your patients need: diagnosis/treatment descriptions, short template animations, consent form, hotels, payment options, guarantee

You can fully customize them.

Once you've done all the above, you'll have a much more professional treatment plan than most clinics. However...

...with a personalized 3D animation you can WOW your patients and present them a treatment plan
they have never seen before.

3D animation

Amaze your patients and bring together all the information in a clear and understandable way by personalized animations based upon the recorded diagnosis and treatments.

The software generates it automatically.

currently available

English English
Spanish Español
German Deutsch
French Français
Turkish Türkçe
Portugese Português
Arabic اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ
Bulgarian Български
Hungarian Magyar
Italian Italiano
Polish Polski
Romanian Română
Russian Pусский
Ukrainian украї́нська

More languages coming soon:
Czech čeština
Greek ελληνικά
Dutch Nederlands
Hindi Hindi
Slovakian Slovenčina
Slovenian Slovenski

Swedish Svenska
Finnish Suomi
Danish Dansk

"Giving the right information to dental patients is one of the best investments ever."

Made for dentists

Best suited for...

clinics and agencies interested in dental tourism,
practices that also offer extensive treatments,
dentists who would like to increase their treatment acceptance rate.

with smart functions

BrightPlans includes a range of smart features that make it able to automatically prepare 90% of the whole treatment plans.
Smart documents

Recommends documents and descriptions (diagnosis, treatment, doctors, clinic, etc.) that you can simply add to the plan.


Save your mostly used procedures and reuse them any time to create fully detailed, complete plans with a few clicks.

Smart 3D animation

Automatically created, based upon the recorded diagnosis and treatments that animates the whole treatment process.


BrightPlans has many features that allows you to create amazing, detailed treatment plans in minutes.


connect with your CRM

...and others, using


Let's clear any concerns!

I don't want to
change my softwares.
There’s no need to. BrightPlans is exclusively developed only to create professional treatment plans, so you can combine it with your own dental softwares. We are surprised how quickly clinics have integrated it with their other softwares.
I am sceptical
about new things.
Who uses this?
BrightPlans is widely used all around the world by dental clinics and dental tourism agencies from the US through France, Turkey to Australia. You can be sure that one of your friends, colleagues or major competitors are already using it.
Okay, but it  must be very difficult to learn.
All new softwares take time to learn and BrightPlans is not an exception, however BrightPlans was carefully designed to be extremely easy to use, which you can see from the minute you start using it.
Cool, but it must be very expensive.
We believe BrightPlans' prices are fantastic for its value. In addition, there is a range of monthly subscription packages that make them one of the best investments for smaller practices that only create a few plans a month and for large clinics that create thousands.



Create plans for
1-5 patients



/month (net price)
Create plans for
up to 20 patients



/month (net price)
Create plans for
up to 100 patients



/month (net price)
Create plans for
up to 250 patients



/month (net price)

For over 250 montly patients contact our sales team for a custom offer.



Take advantage of all the entire functions of BrightPlans even if you only create a few treatment plans a month.

For general practices and small dental agencies (up to 20 patients/month)

$69 /month (net price)


Stand out from your competitors by creating treatment plans that exceed your patients' expectations.

For busy practices, clinics and most dental agencies (up to 500 patients/month)

$129 /month (net price)


Your patients expect the very best from you in everything you do. For you, using BrightPlans is not only a perfect solution, it's prestige.

For clinics and agencies with very high patient volume (from 500 patients/month)

from $249 /month (net price)

What you can get

by using BrightPlans

Fast dental treatment planner software
As even the most complex treatment plans can be done in minutes, the more you create, the more time you save.
Cloud-based treatment planner for dentists
With a professional plan you can increase both the treatment acceptance rate and the value of each treatment.
Top dental treatment planner
A professional treatment plan is a sign of your practice's professionalism, further enhancing your prestige and reputation.

More Benefits

of using BrightPlans

Improved efficiency
BrightPlans helps you to maintain the quality of your services, which is essential for further growth.
Accessible from anywhere
BrightPlans is a cloud-based software, so your staff can work from anywhere - even from home.
You can set up a multi-level admin structure and decide what your staff and doctors can and can't see or do.
BrightPlans is backed by the world's largest server provider so your data and the uninterrupted operation are ensured in multiple levels.
BrightPlans does 90% of the work automatically so you can deliver consistent, amazing, professional treatment plans in no time.


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